Policy support

The website supports no reason to return or exchange within 30 days. If you need to return or exchange, please contact customer service in advance. Please send the item with the original packaging to Crysecurity:1501 Moran Rd # A, Sterling, Virginia, 201669338. Please make sure to indicate your order number and return reason on the packing list. All returns without prior communication will not be processed.

Return standard

The electronic lock cannot be opened, changed, or repaired by anyone other than Crysecurity. Unauthorized parts shall not be used when repairing the product.

The serial number and accessory date code of the electronic lock shall not be removed, smeared, or tampered with.

The electronic lock shall not be returned or replaced if it is damaged because it is not used, maintained, and serviced according to the requirements of the user manual.

The electronic lock shall not be exposed to moisture, humidity, extreme temperature, or environmental conditions. The product must be new and free from corrosion, oxidation, or splashing by food or liquid.

Return process

Apply for return. After you receive the goods, you can log in to the website and contact us by phone or email to submit the return application.

Fill in the reason for return or replacement. Please specify the products you need to return, reasons, quantity, return instructions, and upload the voucher.

To be reviewed by customer service. After you submit the return and replacement application, the customer service review is expected to take 1-2 working days.

How do I cancel my order?

You can cancel the order within 30 minutes of placing the order. We will process your order cancellation request within 24 working hours. Your refund amount will be returned to the order account within 1-2 working days after the refund application is approved, depending on the payment method you used when placing the order. If it is not returned within 5 working days, please contact us at: sale@crysecurity.com.


We use Square for payment and the following cards are supported: JCB, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.